Acne skin treatment

Acne is a rising cause of concern amongst teenagers and even older women. We, at Barakha Salon, offer specialized anti acne face treatment for different skin types. Our experienced beauticians provide professional acne treatment to give you cleaner, clearer and naturally glowing skin tone.

Tailor-Made Acne Treatment

Acne is more of a hormonal complication that requires time to heal. Our salons in Australia have professionally trained beauticians to guide you with your skin complications and provide tailor-made services. The aromatherapy latest acne treatment is prepared from entirely plant based products and is packed with natural goodness thus protecting your skin from harmful chemical and additives.

Outstanding Experience

Our professionally qualified and trained beauticians are experts in all kinds of anti-acne face treatment. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions including acne skin peels, hydra facial, therapeutic skin care, and a range of professional acne treatments.

Our beauticians take pride in giving you the most proficient and relaxing services in Sydney. We emphasize on maintaining a healthy and clean work environment. Using proven procedures and latest equipment, we work on your skin to clear acne and repair scars.


Acne skin Treatment Price Time
Acne skin Treatment $85 to $110 60 + min

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