Ayurvedic Dandruff treatment

What are the Problems behind dandruff?

Due to busy recurring schedule, many people stay in a hurry because of which they attempt to take away tangling hairs in seconds which results in either breakage of hair strands or detachment of roots from scalp. Volume of hair decreases with such exercise and it even ends in baldness. Not washing hair often and an excessive amount of hair wash, in each the cases, pH stability of scalp imbalances which results in eczema, itching, infection, dandruff and loss of hairs. One may additionally go through pimples problem because of major persistent dandruff.

To overcome this issue there is Ayurvedic treatment for dandruff exclusively launched by Barkha Beauty Parlor. Barkha designs dandruff treatment according to your needs.


Ayurvedic Dandruff treatment Price Time
Ayurvedic Customized Dandruff Treatment $60.00 50 to 60min


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