Ayurvedic Dry & damage hair treatment

Reason behind dry and damage hair

Due to the busy life now a days people use chemical products, straighten their hair & hair color, which cause hair damage and dry.

Losing and greying of hair is an inevitable part of growing old. However, untimely greying and dropping wishes attention. Irregular life-style styles, excessive pressure, genetics, hormonal imbalance, pollution, heat are all guilty of triggering early onset of balding and thinning hair. Our Ayurveda treatments and medicines assist in untimely greying, hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, oily hair, hair conditioning, and many others. We have treated many patients with hair loss correctly. We get to seenumerous reasons for hair loss in patients like mechanical, hormonal, infectious, deficiencies, autoimmune issues, artificial dyes, and medications.

We first try to understand the needs of your hair in designed mask for your hair to get sill and smoothing effect.


Ayurvedic Dry & damage hair treatment Price Time
Ayurvedic Customized Dry Hair Treatment from $60.00


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