Ayurvedic Hair fall treatment

Reasons for hair fall.

  • Post pregnancy
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Quick weight loss (more than 2-3 kilos a month)
  • Malnourished hair
  • Using harsh hair colors , gels and styling products
  • Sinusitis
  • High protein diet or high acid diet – not balanced by alkaline food
  • Weak liver
  • Migraine

But in case you already suffering from scanty hair, Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall might be considered one of your first-class guess at regaining your preceding degree of hair.

Controlling Hair Fall with Ayurvedic treatment

Excessive hair fall is normally because of loss of critical inner vitamins in addition to outside upkeep. Taking certain prescribed ayurvedictreatment can immediately strengthen hair at its root and growth the thickness. These usual methods would manipulate your hair fall in a systemized way.

We do Ayurveda treatment to stop hair treatment. By Our tailor made massage oil and ayurvedic mask, helps to stop hair-fall.


Ayurvedic Hair fall treatment Price Time
Ayurvedic Hair-Fall Treatmentfrom $55.00 50 to 60min


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