Barkha’s aroma BK facial

Welcome to Parramatta Indian beauty salon for Aroma facial. This facial starts with warm pinda presser routines which stimulate your mind and body. Japanese style cleaning and toning follows a unique comforting Barakha’s

Luxuries massage style to lift, tones and drains. as well as boots the serum to give a rejuvenating glowing skin. Concluding with arms, legs and neck stretches while the mask shows its magic.

Aroma facial is packed with pure natural plant base products. Our trailer made facial is designed by according to your skin needs.


Barkha’s aroma BK facial Price Time
Aroma normal to dry skin $80.00
Aroma silver facial $85.00
Aroma oil to acne prone skin $90.00
Aroma gold facial $110.00
Aroma gold facial with mask $120.00

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