Body Massage

At Barakha, we have combined traditionally Asian and Western massage techniques to give you a massage that will relax you to your core. These tailor-made massages allow your personalised massage to focus on any areas of concerns or merely preferences.

A feeling of transcendence will be experienced through a Barakha massage as both your mind and body will be calmed throughout the journey.



Neck and Shoulder Massage 15 min $15.00
Foot Massage 20 min $20.00
Indian Head Oil Massage 25 min $30.00
Indian Head Oil Massage + Steam $35.00
Back Massage 25 min $25.00
Hot Cadel Massage 25 min $35.00
Body Massage 30 min $40.00
Body Massage 60 min $75.00
Hot Aroma Cadel Massage 60 min $85.00

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