Body Wax

Hand, Leg & Body waxing at Parramatta

Barakha’s body-waxing service are very popular among women’s. We offer include leg waxing, arms waxing, back waxing, facial hair waxing and body waxing. For silky shine and smooth effect we use-only premium quality’s best hot and pink-wax. Our qualified and experience beauty therapist done Barakha’s in house training as well to give a best and comfortable long lasting waxing results for women. Every visit you will get a quality and professional waxing services.

Barakha has hygienic working conditions

  • All equipment and instruments are thoroughly sanitized
  • Offer only disposable gowns and g strings.


Waxing Treatment Price
Lip wax $07.00
Chain wax from $07.00
Side of wax from $08.00
Fore head wax $07.00
Nose $05.00
Full face waxing plus eyebrow threading $35.00
Full face waxing plus jaw line waxing plus eyebrow threading $40.00
Full face waxing plus eyebrow waxing $45.00
Eyebrow waxing $12.00
Under arms $10.00
1/2 arms waxing $15.00
3/4 arms waxing $20.00
Full arms waxing $25.00
Navel $10.00
1/2 back $20.00
Full back $40.00
Tummy 1/2 waxing $20.00
Full front waxing $40.00
1/2 leg waxing $20.00
3/4 leg wax $30.00
Full leg waxing $40.00
Top 1/2 leg waxing $25.00
Full body wax $95.00 [NO INNER PART]

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