Bridal henna

Pamper Yourself with the Best Henna Designs at Barakha Salon

The practice of applying henna, especially bridal henna is an old and popular tradition of the Asian Subcontinent. Applying henna for occasions like marriage is quite common. But lately, it is being used for all traditional occasions and festivities. Henna being 100% herbal does not have any harmful effect on the skin, unlike chemicals. There are a lot of new and popular designs and patterns females love sporting for hand henna and foot henna. Whether you are looking for traditional mehndi designs or Arabic henna, Barakha Salon is a one stop shop for letting you ooze its own charm. Floral patterns, peacock designs, and traditional Rajasthani and Arabic designs are a preferred choice and in vogue. At Barakha Salon, our expert beauticians and henna artists can adorn your hands with intricately beautiful and unique Henna designs to bag heartfelt complements!