Hair Cuts

Haircuts that match the facial features and structure are very important. At Barakha Beauty Salon, the Client’s features and physical structure are taken into consideration “on before the scissors go snip snip! Here, the experienced beauticians can give you the best haircuts beginning from the famous “Rachel” Style to Halle Berry’s layered pixie. Whether you want it short or long, trimmed or tousled, wavy or Straight our hair specialists can do it for you. We are aware of the latest trends around the globe and on the red carpets.

Professional hair styling and cuts are necessary to give you an edge that reflects your persona and aids in meeting the daily maintenance needs. Whether you want a conservative, clean or cool hairstyle we are All prepared for you.


Hair Cut Price Time
Simple Hair Cut $18 to $25
Front Layer $20.00
Full Layer $30 to $45
Step with Layer Cut $45 to $60
Blow Dry from $35.00
Kids Hair Cut $15.00

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