Dazzle all the way with healthy and neatly filed nails with excellent manicure services of Barakha Beauty Parramatta. The wellness manicure service includes basic trim, form and cuticle work on your typical nails. We can then buff, easy and add ordinary cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy. The wellness pedicure begins with a soothing hands soak in our manicure bowl presenting a rejuvenating mint scented salt bowl. Then we will be able to form, trim and work to your cuticles, followed by using mild callus work on your hands. Then we will add a gentle arms and hands massage featuring our aromatic scented massage lotion. A good manicure is always one of the best ways of self-pampering for the women. Along with care for nails and hands, it also gives a certain level of relaxation. Barakha Beauty Parlor is right here to offer the best manicure services.


Manicure and Polish Price
Nail Polish $10.00
Polish and Buffer $15.00
Dry Hand Mask $15.00
Basic Manicure $25.00
Lotus Manicure With Polish $35.00

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