O3 plus facial


O3 Plus facial is a highly recommended facial for dull skin, and includes luxurious massage rituals. This facial is the best treatment for revitalizing and brightening stressed, dull skin, and bring back the healthy glow of youth.

How it works?

The O3 facial uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and high concentrations of vitamins and plant extracts. This treatment starts with a refreshing anti-ageing massage which lifts and tones your skin. The massage ends with a gentle neck stretches which helps to release tension and makes you feel profoundly refreshed. Now, it is time to apply the O3 professional mineral-rich mask which nourishes your skin, giving it luminosity and radiance.
As the mask works its magic, enjoy a soothing massage for your scalp, arms and legs.

Hands on Expertise

We tailor facials to best cater to customer needs


O3 Plus Facial Price Time
03 basic facial From $80.00
03 seaweed facial $99.00
03 whiting facial $110.00
03 whiting facial with mask $120.00


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