Barakha’s fresh and revitalizing service of Pedicure includes a calming foot dipin exclusive pedicure bowls that are already introduced with waters having scented, soothing, exfoliating and organic scrubs. The pedicure also includes nail filing and shaping, exfoliation, nail cuticle therapy, Indian style massage followed by application of nail polish of your choice. There are different types of pedicure available here that you can choose according to your foot need. All the products used by Barakha’s are hygienic and safe, ensuring a healthy care of your feet and nails. A good pedicure is always one of the best ways of self-pampering for the women. Not only for the sake of foot and nail care but also for the sake of relaxation and to remove dead skin cells are rubbed of the bottom of the feet. One must very often try pedicure service. Barakha Beauty Parlor is right here to offer the best pedicure services.


Padicure and Polish Price
Basic Padicure $35.00
Lotus Padicure with Polish $45.00
Lotus Padicure with Mask $60.00
Dry Feet Mask $15.00
Barakha Signature Pedicure 70min $80.00

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