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Living in the Western World can be a bit challenging for those Indian ladies’ preparing for their special day. Even before the bride to be can think of her personal grooming other aspects of the wedding become a priority and take precedence.

Shopping for outfits, Guests’ list, Venue hiring, catering and to add to the chaos is managing a full time job. Taking time off one’s full time job may not be an option for all as they may plan to save the break for a honeymoon. With this hectic schedule some brides tend to forget that they will be “queen of the day, the centre of attention”.

In preparation of looking worth a million on your special day, Barkha Beauty Parlour has put together a Sydney pre-bridal package. This package is a solution for your face, skin, body and hair tailor made to suit yourconvenience.

Bindiya at Barakha Beauty has over 500 pre-bridal experiences in India until 2007. She moved to Sydney soon afterand started her 2nd innings, completing over75 pre-bridal packages. Bindiya believes that every skin type and hair is different. So she will always consult prior with the bride according toindividual needs and only then formulate a package. At the same time suggesting products that will take care of individual skin-types for daily routine grooming.

The first and foremost luxurious facial package is a tailor made facial. We will suggest a few daily tips in managing skin needs and treatment with would help your skin glow and achieve a brighter tone.

The second luxurious package is Body polishing – A luxurious experience indeed, for all Indian brides. Besides the face it is important to look after our hands, feet and rest of the body. Preparation for henna and exposure of the neck, back and stomach areas are all taken care of in this package.A personal consultation with you will give us an understanding of your bodyneeds. Our expert advisors will then plan your body polishing which is one of the most luxurious experiences. With home made ubtan prepared according to your skin needs and used at bath timeafter body polishing. Your skin will begin to radiate leaving it softer and brighter.

The Hair spa package – It’s a well known fact that our hair is the crown of the face. However, due to weather conditions can cause dryness leaving our hair life less.The BarakhaParramatta Ayurvedic spa and L’Oreal spa is a perfect solution to all your hair needs.

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